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Stories of Hope

Liver patients

Never knew I was sick

I woke up one Sunday morning in March, 2017 with my left arm swollen. I thought it was my heart so I went to a local ER and was diagnosed with cirrhosis and told I would need a transplant in 1 1/2 -2 years. I asked for a referral to Ohio State , was admitted for 22...

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Losing a sister, saving a life with donation

A campus classroom may seem like an odd spot to consider organ donation. But trust Sara Miller when she tells you it is better than a hospital waiting room. That’s where she and her family made the decision eight years ago to donate the liver of Miller’s older sister, Laura, who had been declared brain-dead days after being diagnosed with cancer at age 14.

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‘Yes’ means we’ve become a family

Michael Pettijohn was a strong guy. After four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, he went to work at a consulting engineering company and started taking night classes at UT San Antonio to earn his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Busy as he was, he didn’t think much of it when he started feeling tired, and didn’t even notice his eyes had turned yellow.

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The special bond of Hudson and Uncle Trevor

Jordan and Morgan Hill carry with them a custom-made coin inspired by their son’s liver transplant and the man who saved his life. Morgan had the coin made weeks before his older brother, U.S. Army Special Operations Command Lt. Col. Trevor Hill, flew to Seattle from North Carolina to donate part of his liver to his 8 ½-month-old nephew, Hudson.

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Jane Enright of Pickerington, OH

Boy did I think I had a pretty good life.I was married, had a nice house, a good job and two beautiful children, ages three and four. It was priceless. We took our children everywhere. Sunday drives were the best. One day I went to the doctor because my arms were...

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Alice Bach of West Chester, PA

My mom and I have always had a special relationship. We share the same smile, sense of humor, and nowadays, we share the same liver. On November 27, 2012, my mom’s 19-year battle against two liver diseases finally came to an end, when she received a portion of my...

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