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People you should know

The living donor team

You will come into contact with many medical professionals during the living donor evaluation and donation process. Here are the main members of your living donor team.

Independent donor advocate

An independent donor advocate to promote your best interest, advocate for your rights and help you get and understand the information you need to make an informed decision. This person is not part of the potential transplant recipient’s medical team.

Living donor nurse coordinator

Your main contact during your donor evaluation, your coordinator will provide information, schedule all of your tests and appointments and help you throughout the process.

Social worker

A social worker will assess your mental health, whether you feel pressure from others to donate, your ability to understand and make an informed decision, and make sure you have appropriate social support for recovery.

Transplant physician

A physician will conduct a basic medical screening to assess your health during the evaluation.

Transplant surgeon

Transplant surgeons evaluate the function of your kidneys and decides which one to remove. A transplant surgeon will perform your donor nephrectomy.

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