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Stories of Hope

Kidney patients

Solitary Kidney Siblings

Eight years ago, my brother Josh, who was 19 at the time, donated his kidney to my Dad at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It was a miracle how well the transplant worked. My sister, Hannah, and I were so inspired by what we saw that we knew one day, we wanted to be...

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We can all help

For Kaci Alvarado, an ordinary Saturday of running errands resulted in an extraordinary act of kindness. The last task on her list that day was to have an oil change at a friend’s auto repair shop. While Kaci was there, her friend asked her to proofread a Facebook...

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Be more

On April 2, 2016 Erin and I met and built a one of a kind friendship after being turned down by one hospital to become her organ donor. So passionate about continuing to spread the word on donation and its importance we never let the idea of encouraging others to "be...

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Dinorah Arambula of Las Vegas, NV

Life wasn’t easy before my kidney transplant, treatments were painful and tedious sometimes. Years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney disease, due to high blood pressure. At that time didn’t understood exactly what was going on until I was referred to a specialist, and...

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Gaylene Grossen of Portland, OR

Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis is the disease which required me to have a kidney transplant. It took me a long time to memorize the name! My disease was diagnosed in February of 1993 and it took until 2009 for me to need to be put onto the transplant waiting...

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Kennedy Carter of Mayville, MI

Diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure secondary to vasculitis. Had dialysis for 18 months then a deceased donor transplant on 10/04/2010. I am 18, a college student, a cheerleader and a transplant recipient. Here's a video I made about my journey, and about becoming a...

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