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Stories of hope

Daniela: My new beginning

Daniela Mendoza

This story begins way back when I was just a newborn baby. I was full term, with no complications, or so they thought. The day I was supposed to go home, though, the doctor Informed my parents that I did not have any functioning kidneys. So at just a few days old I was rushed to have an emergency peritoneal dialysis catheter to begin dialysis.

My first kidney transplant was at the age of 3 1/2 years old, from a young deceased donor. I lived a relatively normal life for about 12 years after that. Unfortunately at 15 years old my body started to reject this transplant. So dialysis was my only hope. 12 years later, on Dec. 28, 2023, just before New Year’s 2024, I got the call that I have been waiting for. I lie here in bed writing this with a brand new kidney and feeling like my life has just begun and I’m ready to conquer the world and tell my story about overcoming great odds. My prayer is for my husband, who is currently on dialysis, to receive his kidney, so that we may live a long happy ever after.

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