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Tristen Hewitt: my son, my hero

Tristen Hewitt

Tristen was born just after I turned 18, and from the very moment I found out I was pregnant with him I was proud, loved him more than words, and scared out of my mind.

Though he lived only a very short 22 years, his impact on the world is unimaginable. I have always been proud to be his mother, as his brother is beyond proud to have him as well. There aren’t words to describe how very special this young man was. Now don’t get me wrong, he could push you! But sometimes you might have needed that.

Unfortunately, Tristan, his brother and I were not given much of a family. Tristan was able to make a few bonds outside of us, but none was ever so strong as the three of us. We have been through every up and down life has handed us, and even though he is gone, I feel his presence with me every day. Hearing his laugh, having him pick me up, feeling his hug—these are the things I miss more than anything. You couldn’t believe the days where he would call me and ask if he could come for dinner or take me out for dinner just because. We truly became what every mother dreams she will become with her son.

It was very much to my surprise when I walked into the hospital that day and they told me he was an organ donor. Pride swelled my heart. I looked over at his brother and asked him if he knew, and he said of course I knew, you’ve told us all along! I had always told them why not give them away you’re not going to be using… who knew they were listening?

The day my son was removed from life support I remember being on autopilot and my biggest concern was how many lives did he save? Not that it means this is any less tragic and hurtful and world altering, but please tell me how many he saved so that I might know the magnitude of what he has done. Due to covid restrictions three organs were allowed to be used and three separate lives saved.

It means more than anything in the world to me that these people are as thankful for my son as I am. He didn’t save just three lives—he started with mine.

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