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Stories of hope

JoAnne: donating a kidney for my brother

JoAnne Loftus

In January of 2023, I learned my brother needed a kidney and immediately offered mine, without even thinking about it. Not just for him, but even more for my nieces & nephew, who need and love their dad.

Because I am in Cincinnati, and my brother is in Chicago, and with us having different timelines, I decided to use the voucher program, which meant giving TWO people the gift of life: An anonymous person received my kidney and my brother got a voucher for a kidney, to use at his hospital in Chicago.

The amount of support & love I received from friends, coworkers, family, etc. was more than I ever imagined. It was the only thing I was not prepared for. Seeing how many people were touched by my act was eye-opening and life-changing. I hope to inspire at least one other person to donate a kidney. I wish I had more kidneys, so I could do it again.

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