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Stories of hope

Tracey Finley: Blessed mama

Tracey with her daughter and living liver donor

I was diagnosed with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) in May 2019. I was stage 4 – cirrhosis of the liver upon diagnosis of this autoimmune disease. I was put on a medication to slow progression as well as other meds to treat my osteoporosis that had developed because of PBC, swelling and itching. I also dealt with enlarged spleen and extreme fatigue. I continued to decline and in January 2021. I started seeing a transplant team. I underwent testing and was put on transplant list in May 2021.

I had never heard of a living liver donor option when I was told I could receive one if I had a donor match. I told my husband when we left that day that I would never ask anyone to be a donor for me. Of course my husband, two grown kids, and several other friends volunteered. I was so appreciative of their bravery and willingness to be tested for possible match. The doctors chose my daughter and she was a match. My sweet girl gave me part of her liver on March 22, 2022. We are both doing great. My daughter returned to her job as a labor and delivery nurse after 10 weeks. I continue to heal at home and am getting stronger every day. I’m so very thankful for her sacrifice for me, for the support from my husband, son, family and friends, and for the excellent care provided to us by the medical team, staff and hospital. Receiving an organ through transplantation is truly a priceless gift a gift of love, compassion, selflessness, and life. I am so very thankful and blessed to have received my daughter’s liver and want to encourage people to be an organ donor!

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