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Release and Agreement

Release Agreement

I agree to permit the publication of my story on the Transplant Living Web site as a part of the stories of hope collection. I have written this submission and if my story includes details about anyone else, I confirm that I have permission to share those details. I understand that all visitors to the site will be able to view and read my profile, which may contain personal information, including my name, photo, medical diagnosis and treatment. I acknowledge that I am not submitting this information to United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) for its comment because UNOS does not provide medical or clinical advice in response to any patient profile or elsewhere on the Transplant Living Web site. I understand that some profiles may be featured on the home page of the Web site, and that my story may be used alone or together with other materials. Note: This option is required in order to publish your profile online at

Include my profile in other educational and promotional materials.

I would like to share my story with a wider audience. I hereby authorize UNOS to prepare, use, reproduce, publish, and exhibit all materials submitted to UNOS through the Transplant Living Web site including, but not limited to, my name, photograph, quote or image (the “Materials”), and further authorize all other forms of advertising and marketing thereof as it sees fit for the purpose of public, patient and professional education for organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation, in the sole discretion of UNOS. I acknowledge that the Materials are the property of UNOS which shall have complete control of, title to, and rights in the same, including without limitation for the foregoing, full and complete authority to edit. I hereby waive all rights of privacy in connection with the use of my name, photograph, quote or image as used by UNOS and its authorized affiliates. I further waive any and all rights, whether explicit or implied, in said Material and give this consent without reservation.

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