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Liver transplant stories

Nikita Patel

Nikita Patel: My Transplant Journey

I wanted to share my journey in a raw way in honor of this special month that recognizes donors and their sacrifices while attempting to increase organ donor registrations among communities of color.

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Never knew I was sick

I woke up one Sunday morning in March, 2017 with my left arm swollen. I thought it was my heart so I went to a local ER and was diagnosed with cirrhosis and told I would need a transplant in 1 1/2 -2 years. I asked for a... Read more

Losing a sister, saving a life with donation

A campus classroom may seem like an odd spot to consider organ donation. But trust Sara Miller when she tells you it is better than a hospital waiting room. That’s where she and her family made the decision eight years ago to donate the liver of Miller’s older sister, Laura, who had been declared brain-dead days after being diagnosed with cancer at age 14.

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