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Transplant from a living donor

Why choose a living donor transplant?

Waiting time is shorter, and success rates are higher with living donor transplant.

Most people in the United States wait about 4 years to get a kidney.

But with living donation, you can get a transplant in 1 year or less once you find a matching donor. You may be able to get a new kidney before you start dialysis.

Benefits of living donor kidney transplant over dialysis:

  • You don’t have to spend large amounts of time on dialysis
  • You can eat more kinds of foods
  • You’ll have more energy and time to do things you enjoy
  • You can travel
  • You’ll feel better and may live longer

Benefits of living donor kidney transplant over a transplant from a deceased donor:

  • You’ll likely get a kidney sooner and spend less time on dialysis
  • You may live longer
  • Your new kidney usually starts working right away
  • Your body is less likely to reject the kidney, especially if it comes from a relative

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