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Transplant from a donor who has died

What is life like after living donor transplant?

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This timeline can give you a general idea of what happens after transplant surgery. Recovery is a little different for each person, so we can’t know exactly what your experience will be.


1-2 weeks after

Recovery in hospital. Your new kidney may start working right away or it may take a few days. Some patients need a dialysis treatment for a few days to a few months after surgery.

1 month after

Visit the center 2 times a week:

  • 1 time for a doctor visit and lab work
  • 1 time just for lab work

You may feel up to driving and returning to your normal daily life.

2 months after

Visit once a week for lab work and a doctor visit. You may feel up to driving and returning to your normal daily life.

3-4 months after

Visit every 2 weeks for lab work and once a month for doctor visits. By 3 months, most patients recover fully from the surgery, but some take longer.

6 months after

Visit once a month for lab work and every 3-6 months for doctor visits.

1 year after

Visit every 3-4 months for lab work and about once a year for transplant visits.

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