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Stories of hope

Thankful for the time with my late husband

Nine-and-a-half years ago, I was in kidney failure. I was thankfully listed and matched quite quickly so I never needed to have dialysis. The beginning was a rough start with some bumps along the way. I’ve had seven rejection episodes, but they were able to save my kidney every time.

I will forever be grateful to my donor, whom I know nothing of other than I love her.

February 2023, my beloved husband (together 18 years) suddenly died in his sleep. I’ve been the one with the crazy health issues and constant complications.

I don’t even have the words to express the respect, gratitude & love for giving me 8 1/2 years with my Jeffery.

Ironically, it’s just crazy with my health; in December, 2023 I had an acute rejection. My function didn’t improve, and after 11 days of anti-rejection treatment and immunosuppression treatment, it was determined that my kidney is at the end of its life and I’ll need a second transplant.

This year is probably the most difficult of my life so far, but I am grateful every day for my sweet donor and the chance to have more time with my husband. To that family, I mourn with you for the loss of your daughter. And I am hopeful, looking forward to a healthier life after a second transplant.

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