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Terri: After 18 years in heart failure, a new lease on life!

Terri and George Cecere wearing red t-shirts with text, Everything it takes. Terri's says #1 heart transplant. And George's says #1 Cheerleader.

Terri’s story began some 47 years ago when as a 16-year-old Ohio teenager. She was diagnosed and treated for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Her life saving treatment back then, unfortunately, led to cardiomyopathy at age 43 and ultimately led to a heart transplant at age 62. In fact, on November 6, 2022, she was to become the first heart transplant recipient at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati and their newly approved transplant program.

Her story includes a 16 year doctor/patient relationship with a local heart failure specialist. Despite living in another state for most of that time, and a series of medical interventions that happened along the way – always just in time as her condition worsened over the years. From new medications to treat heart failure, better mechanical intervention technologies to the eventual Impella5.5 heart pump as a bridge to transplant, these innovations were truly what Terri calls “providence”.

Now 100+ days post transplant, Terri’s recovery is well underway and progressing steadily. We have been keenly aware of the selfless, anonymous gift that the donor and donor’s family have provided, and are profoundly grateful. We would like to share further details of this amazing journey to assist other patients and families facing a similar journey.

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