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Stories of hope

Kathalina: To my kidney donor

Tammie Reece Vasquez

My name is Kathalina, but most people know me as Lena. I am married to a wonderful man named Chris and together we have a son! I grew up in the small town of Rives, Tennessee.

Organ donation is important to me because it not only gave me a second chance at life once, but TWICE.

When I was 15-years-old, I received my first kidney transplant in April 2013. Unfortunately, my first kidney transplant failed in 2018, after the birth of my son. After that, my kidney failed and I was placed back on the transplant list.

In September 2020, I was blessed with another kidney transplant. To this day, my kidney is doing wonderful and life is great!

Keeping the story short and to the point, organ donation can save the life of a person at any age. My life is forever changed because someone decided to make the selfless decision of becoming a donor.

Consider being an organ donor today!!

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Stories of hope exist because of the selfless gift of organ donors. Read donor tributes. #LivingItForward

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