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Sandy: I will be forever grateful to my donor!


The best way to tell my story is to post excerpts of my letter to my donor’s family:

“On April 5th, 2023 I received the call that I could possibly be getting the gift of beautiful lungs, only one week after being put on the transplant list.

We were babysitting our first (grandchild) granddaughter that day, which happened to be her six-month birthday. While our daughter was here picking up her daughter to go home, the phone rang. It was ‘the call’ from the hospital.

I mention our granddaughter because she is one of the reasons I wanted to get a double lung transplant. I want to be here to watch her grow up, to hear her say, ‘grandmama’ for the first time, and to marvel in her presence and growth for as long as I can. She is everything to me and thanks to your loved one’s gift of life, I’ll be able to do so.

We celebrated our granddaughter’s 1st birthday back on October. 5th, six months from when I got ‘the call.’ So, my granddaughter will always be connected to my receiving your dear loved one’s gift of life.

In addition to my granddaughter, the love and support of my family—my husband, two sons and daughter—gave me the determination to keep going.

I am doing incredibly well. Just had my ten-month checkup and there were no signs of infection nor rejection. I am doing everything possible to protect these beautiful lungs given to me, because I know at what great cost that this decision was made.

A mere ‘thank you’ will never be adequate. I will forever be thankful for this precious gift that you have miraculously given me. I believe with all my heart that your loved one picked me and I will be forever grateful. Please know with every breath I take, I am forever and lovingly connected to my donor and you. Thank you.


(So as you can see from excerpts of my letter above, I am forever grateful. My donor and his/her family has given me a second chance at life. My donor’s beautiful gift has forever changed me.)

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