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Stories of hope

Nat’s Christmas Miracle

Nat was born in 2008 and three months later diagnosed LTGA & Ebsteins Anomaly. We allowed him to be a kid as he grew up, running, jumping, and anything he wanted. He even had a pony!

However, in 2020 he started having issues that lead to heart failure. On 12/7/2020 he went in for a cardiac catheter procedure and went into cardiac arrest, aspirated, and his lung collapsed. We knew that the discussion about a transplant was coming next. It was also during a Covid surge, and he had a few odds against according to his lab results, but it didn’t stop him from fighting.

On 12/23/2020, he was placed on the transplant list, and in 50 minutes, there was a heart!! Due to his labs, the transplant team needed to do a cross match, and it was a perfect match. He received his heart on Christmas Eve, and as I walked into recovery, he was suctioning himself! The nurses told him if he was doing things on his own, it was one step closer to going home. He is such a fighter and has a beautiful outlook on life. There is nothing he stresses over, and any little hurdle, he gets through it with a smile.

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