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Prabir Bagchi: Living with a transplanted lung

Prabir Bagchi: Living with a transplanted lung

My left lung was transplanted on February 13, 2020 in Baltimore. The friendly doctors, nurses, tech support, and everybody else at the transplant center showed the utmost compassion and care both before and after the transplant. I owe my life to these heroes. Seven months after my transplant, they’ve been extremely helpful at each stage. The doctor in charge visited me at my home during the pandemic to make sure my recovery was going as scheduled. The most important thing is to follow the doctor’s advice and take medicines exactly as prescribed. The patient must also be on top of everything and try to understand side effects of medicines. Get in touch with your transplant center if any changes take place in the recovery process. It is a two way process and partnership between the healthcare people and the patient. So far, my recovery has been good as far as I can tell, and all credit must go to the health care heroes. Maryland has one of the finest transplant centers in the United States.

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