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Stories of hope

Mitchell Miller: A second chance for life here on earth

Hello reader! I want to tell you first how well I was raised by my mother and father (still married,) to be full of manners and to always be respectful to others no matter what. I was raised to know not to tamper with drugs, alcohol, stealing, and lying. Unfortunately, I became a drinker as a teenager. A long story short, 10 years later I was told I had to quit drinking now or my liver would fail. You’d think I would have listened to that, but I figured I was already too far gone to stop. It’s an addiction for a reason. I’m the nicest, friendliest, most caring person. Anyone would say that who knows me.

I ended up in a hospital almost three hours from home fighting for my life. My liver was failing and I had no time to live, the doctors gave me days. A day or so later they found me a liver donor. That day, I was immediately prepped and ready for a transplant surgery. Everything went well. They saved my life. The doctors, nurses, people, and the donor himself saved my life. It was a miracle. I now live everyday like it’s my last. I just wish I could get this entire story out to everyone that you can say “NO” to addiction. Be bigger, be better, say no for yourself and then your loved ones of course. But mainly, you! Take care of yourself and love your life because I’ve realized you’re extremely blessed to be able to get the second chance that I did. I’ll never forget it. To the Lord, everyone, and including myself I am so blessed to have this second chance and I try to make the most of every day with a smile.

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