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Celine and Dean LeBlanc: Heart recipient surprises donor’s mother at Thanksgiving

Celine and Dean LeBlanc: Heart recipient surprises donor’s mother at Thanksgiving

I want to share that we are very grateful for organizations like this. My husband, Dean LeBlanc, received a Michigan donor’s (Michael Krok) heart in June 2021. We have been communicating with his beautiful mother, sisters, an aunt and family friend for a while and have found a great bond together. We are arranging with those family members and friend to surprise visit Michael’s mother, Debra Bruce Edwards, this Thanksgiving day at a family dinner! Isn’t that awesome?! We’re all so excited and wanted to share this story of love, hope and happiness this organization is a part of.

Dean was listed with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) a non-profit organization which was very much a part of our lives — along with the donor being a part of Gift of life of Michigan’s organization. We are forever grateful for the healing and loving support Dean and I have received. We look forward to our time this coming week to meet in person with family and friends to share that Michael’s heart is the best donation and act of love for Dean to live life and let them hear his heart continues to beat. Michael has a daughter whom we will give her a heartbeat teddy bear. Thank you all! Celine and Dean LeBlanc of Connecticut.


collage of 6 photos

The photo collage is only a SMALL number of many photos taken. Many new memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Well this Thanksgiving was truly wonderful and it couldn’t be any better than it was. A surprise with such a warm welcome and we felt we were part of the donor’s caring loving family. It was such a great visit.

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