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Idoreyin Obuba: My Kidney Memoir

Transplant recipient Idoreyin, smiling

I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease nine years ago at 50% GFR (kidney function) – stage three. I had gone in for my routine yearly physical which of course includes labs, and the doctor comes out and hands me a referral to see a nephrologist. Being in the medical field I immediately knew who a nephrologist was. I asked him why I needed to see a nephrologist. His response, “your GFR is at 50% I’m afraid your kidneys aren’t functioning at 100%. I was dumbstruck, questions going through my head – why, when, how? I was so confused; my world was upside down. I was young, looked healthy, I had no symptoms; How could this happen? Two pregnancies with preeclampsia; increased proteinuria (protein in urine), uncontrollable blood pressure, all contributed to my chronic kidney disease.

Before my diagnosis, I was energetic, fun loving, loved traveling the world, and loved entertaining. Being on “energy saving mode” all the time, I have had to cut back. Nevertheless, I choose to make changes not excuses; I choose self-esteem not self-pity; I choose to live life on my own terms. Mid 2019 my kidney function was 15% – stage five (kidney failure). Though heartbroken, I choose to BELIEVE, never losing HOPE and holding tenaciously to my FAITH.

April 20, 2020, I received the call I had been praying for. I underwent kidney transplant and was given a second chance at life. I am immensely grateful to this hero I never knew that saved my life. Transplant life has been a bit overwhelming. I realized the road to recovery is different for everyone but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am forever grateful for the gift of life that I’ve been given. Philippians 4:13 is the scripture I live by everyday – “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

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