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Stories of hope

Kathy, islet recipient

Kathy and her husband outside

Kathy was living with diabetes for almost fifty years, and endured many health challenges – including severe insulin reactions that occurred while she was sleeping at night or even while driving her car. She had difficulty recognizing these reactions, as they would even occur after she had eaten. Her husband, Charles, has been at her side through it all, waking in the middle of the night to help her and to give her shots, and providing loving care and support.

After receiving an islet cell transplant, Kathy no longer suffers from insulin reactions or needs medication. She has enjoyed being able to eat things that she hasn’t eaten since childhood, and also appreciates the freedom from stringent monitoring of her illness. Kathy and Charles now can focus on their construction and realty business, where they build and sell homes together, and enjoying the rewards of their life-long partnership.

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