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Stories of hope

Kathi Clapham of West Chester, PA

Kathi Clapham

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis. I became pregnant with twins in 2003. However, I became very sick with the twin pregnancy.

My babies, Paul and Sarah had to be delivered at 26 weeks to save all 3 of our lives. They weighed less than 2 pounds each at birth.

After their birth I never recovered my good health. I was breathing at less then 30% lung capacity and needed Oxygen, a feeding tube and a port. On May 29, 2006 I received my double lung transplant.

My life was saved and I could be a Mommy to my babies all because of the love and courage of my donor and his/her family. I wanted to help other families facing a transplant and who also had young children at home. My local group of TRIO ( transplant recipients) helped me and my twins publish a book for that purpose. It is called Mommy Can Play Again.

My blog is:

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