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Joe Lafferty: Living life Justin time

Joe Lafferty

From ages 8 to 37, I overcame cancer, diabetes, vision loss, a pulmonary embolism, organ failure, open heart surgery, seven minutes of death, and a double organ transplant. I was able to do all this while working for three Division 1 college athletic departments, the Orange Bowl, and the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve lived a life any sports fan would envy. Along the way my “bionic process” included medications, procedures, surgeries, prosthetics, machines, and life-saving organs from a hero. I just had to write a book of thanks to honor my donor hero. My memoir detailing this process is written in first person with eleven “Other Voices” interludes. Each is written in third person as a featured news article. Famous “Other Voices” include Dan Marino, Bucky Dent, Art Kehoe, and Rob Gronkowski, all of whom were interviewed by Jeff Schober, sharing stories of their encounters with me through their unique lens. I’m not responsible for two souls but I am responsible to honor the life afforded me by my donor, Justin Dale Boyer. That’s why the book is titled “Justin Time,” because that’s how I live my life and why I will always serve the organ donation and transplantation community as an UNOS Ambassador.

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