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Stories of hope

Jhett Skaggs of Lexington, OK

Jhett Skaggs

My son was 10 months old when he received a heart transplant. It could not have come at a better time… he was dying.

His heart was on the verge of giving up because he had unknowingly suffered with his heart condition since birth. He was placed on a device that helped him to stay alive until his donor heart was available. However the right ventricular was beginning to weaken as it done all the work alone due to the fact his left ventricular no longer worked.

Doctors were beginning to prepare me for what was to come (death) when we suddenly were told a donor had been found.

The mix of emotions that a parent feels is bittersweet. As I am relieved and thanking God for my son’s new heart another mother is in anguish over losing her child. My faith keeps me strong in knowing that God has abundantly blessed this family for making a decision to save my son. Now that my son is 5 years old and enjoying life as a spunky little boy I am reminded and grateful daily for the gift that my son has been given.

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