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Jasmine Ruiz: Waitlisted

Jasmine Ruiz

I am currently on the transplant list for a kidney transplant and have been for almost 3 years now. The waitlist in my area is as long as 8-10 years long for a cadaver kidney, and even longer with my blood type, O-. I was born with a genetic disease called BOR syndrome that causes abnormal developments with kidneys and ears, which caused me to be born with just 1 kidney and that kidney failed me at the age of 25 following the birth of my second child in 2016.

I have since gotten to experience life on hemodialysis and after a complication with my CVC catheter, I was temporarily removed from the waitlist. Now that I am well and successfully administering my PD treatments I have been placed back on the list.

Finding a living donor has been challenging, definitely harder then I ever expected but I am fighting for my husband and two beautiful children that I have been blessed with and it makes it all worth it! My faith keeps me humble, paitent, hopeful, and He has given me the courage and strength I have today. I hope that in hearing my story people will see the work of Christ in my life and want to complete a selfless act of love and give me the gift of a quality life by donating their kidney!

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