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Stories of hope

James Price: Brighter days still to come

James Price

Hi, my name is James Price.

A lot of my friends call me Smiley. Some years ago I got an infection in my kidneys and my immune system was impacted after the infection and tore up my kidney function. I am 62-years-old, I am in good health besides a few stints 15 years ago. I am in need of a kidney transplant now. I have been helping and taking care of my mother since my father passed away from cancer in 1990. Mom will be turning 88-years-old in July. I have two children, Eden is 25 and Patrick is 22-years-old. It figures just two years before my retirement, I would have problems with the kidneys. The time when you want to do the things and go places that you were unable to do before.

Well that is my story for now. I want to thank you very much for listening to it. Try to smile as much as possible because it will make your day better. Thank you from Jim.

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