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Stories of hope

Jennifer Ontiveros: Miracles do happen

I was born with hypo plastic right ventricle-single ventricle physiology. I had my first open heart surgery at children’s hospital when I was about three months. As I grew older the harder it became, and the shorter of chances to live I had, but I made it. On July 18,2019 I received a heart and double lung transplant and it has been the best thing that has every happened to me. Also knowing that I was the first person to receive a heart and double lung transplant in San Diego in 2019. There is not enough words to say thank you to my donor and his or her family . I live for the day I get to meet my donors family and learn more about my donor. It’s such a surreal life changing experience, because of this it made me realize how important organ donation is and I want to bring awareness to it because it’s something that’s it’s not often talked about and I would love to share my story to tell everybody know that miracles do happen.

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Heart, Lung

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