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Stories of hope

Becky Wiskur: Baseball, faith, and friendship

I was at a baseball game last spring when I learned that a family friend, Ben, was in need of a liver transplant due to NASH (non alcoholic cirrhosis) causing liver failure. I met Ben through my husband, Brad, years ago.

Ben and Brad played baseball against and with one another growing up. They reconnected in their adult lives, again through baseball, as Ben coached our children. The news of Ben needing a liver transplant weighed heavily on my heart. I inquired of the steps he needed to take to receive a liver. It was then I learned a living donor was possible.

I felt a strong calling to go through the process to confirm if I was a match for him. I discussed it with my family and with their support, I contacted the transplant center. Once testing began, the process was seamless. It was meant to be. God was in full control.

I donated 61% of my liver to Ben on 1/9/2023. Baseball is much more than a game. It brought us to this journey that not only saved Ben’s life, but also forever changed mine for the better. We are both doing well and living each day to its fullest. God is good!

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