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Stories of hope

Aubrynn Marshall: Saved by God’s grace

Aubrynn, liver transplant recipient

I was diagnosed in June of 2020 with end stage liver disease (ESLD). I became very ill and spent almost an entire year in and out of hospital beds and intensive care units (ICU). I could barely stay awake for longer than an hour at a time. I was sick. I was tired and I needed help. During the year I had over 100 blood transfusions, and it seemed once I had received this diagnosis every system in my body stopped operating. I was fighting a battle I was not sure I could win. I fought hard, but everyday the fight became harder, until I received a referral for a transplant evaluation. After the liver transplant team (LTT) reviewed my medical records, I was called on a Thursday and asked to arrive the following Tuesday and to bring a bag for possible admission.

On April 6, 2021 (10 months after my original diagnosis) I was admitted to the hospital for a transplant workup. I was told I would be released within seven days after my medical evaluation. This was not the case, upon admission my condition drastically deteriorated, all of my systems were failing. I was intubated and had machines breathing for me. My AMAZING medical team fought for me when I could not. My family and friends stayed vigilant, praying and remaining hopeful that I might live, even though my LTT prepared them for what might definitely happen. My mother was vigilantly at my side for every moment allowed. I received the most amazing gift I could receive, a brand new liver, on Sunday May 2, 2021. My doctors fought hard to ensure I would live, they spent countless hours of hard work and dedication in believing in me and my desire to live, never giving up, even when there were only minutes or hours to save me.

My family and friends through the power of prayer, continuously believed I would make it, in addition to an amazing family who saw the benefit of saving a life in their greatest time of tragedy and grief. Today, (June 13, 2021), weeks post transplant – I am full of gratitude, life, joy and happiness. I know that God allowed me to see another day and organized a team in my corner that He knew would help me to live. I am forever grateful and blessed for everyone who held such a vital part in saving my life.

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