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Stories of hope

Amykah Wiggins: Defeating the odds

Amykah, smiling, holding a red pillow

At the age of 23, Amykah was diagnosed with stage two osteosarcoma of the spine. Upon learning of Amykah’s diagnosis, doctors immediately started chemotherapy. One of Amykah’s chemo drugs caused her to develop cardiomyopathy which later lead to stage D heart failure. Over the course of three years Amykah had three heart attacks, two open heart surgeries, five episodes of cardiac arrest and 25 cardio versions due to atrial fibrillation. Doctors placed Amykah on hospice and she was placed on a waiting list for a new heart.

On March 14, 2023, at the age of 29, Amykah received the call she was waiting for and underwent surgery to receive her new heart. Surgery was successful and Amykah is on the road to recovery. The ICU staff refers to Amykah as a “walking miracle” She thanks God, her cardiac team, and the donor for giving her a second chance at life. Her strong faith in God and great support system is what pushed Amykah to continue to fight because with that combination all things are possible.

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