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Stories of hope

Kim Kondik: Above and beyond friendship

There are best friends, and then there are best friends who voluntarily undergo major surgery to save your child. Natalie and I became friends when we were 12 years old, and through the years we thought we had been through it all together. In September 2016, my husband and I were finally blessed and adopted identical twin daughters after years of fertility struggles. We knew our lives would change, but were not expecting such a drastic turn! Abby was completely healthy, but Addy was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease and was placed on Peritoneal Dialysis at three months old until she could grow big enough for a kidney transplant. We spent 18 months on dialysis until being listed December 2017. Not at all surprised, Natalie was the first person to come and ask to be tested. It’s just her nature. It took six months to determine she would be a good match, as Addy had an antigen that was rather aggressive, and in August 2018 we found out Natalie would be our living hero!

We spent over twenty years as friends, so I knew she was special, but this goes above and beyond friendship. She’s our angel, sent to teach me how to be strong before I ever knew why I would need it. I’m happy to report Addy and Natalie successfully went through transplant 10/10/18!! Both are doing exceptionally well and have inspired so many around them more than they may ever know! Natalie, you are amazing, and we love you so much!

Special thanks to our families, including Natalie’s husband Dave who has been the biggest supporter of Natalie’s decision to donate! Please consider “sharing your spare” and becoming someone’s living hero!!

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