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Liver policy reverted to DSA and regions

OPTN Policy 9 (Allocation of Livers and Liver-Intestines) has reverted to use of the donation service area (DSA) and regional distribution boundaries in effect prior to May 14, 2019. This action complies with a federal court order dated May 17, 2019.

The National Liver Review Board (NLRB) remains in effect. Candidates’ currently assigned exception scores did not change. As always, transplant programs may request individual exception scores for candidates by the procedure set forth in OPTN Policy 9.4 (MELD or PELD Score Exceptions).


  • The updated liver allocation policy is available in the Policies section of the OPTN website.
  • Online help documentation covering UNetSM functionality is also available.
  • Additional information relating to liver policy developments may be found here and will be further updated as needed.

Questions? If you have questions about data or information systems, contact UNOS Customer Service at 800-978-4334. For policy-related questions, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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