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Care after a transplant

Understand how to best care for yourself after an organ transplant. Expert advice on topics including preventing rejection, lifestyle changes, and other frequently asked questions.

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The gift of life

Living donation can be a great option for many transplant patients with a willing family member, friend, or loved one who wants to donate a kidney, liver segment, or lobe from a lung.

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Inspirational stories of hope

True stories in their own words from transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families whose lives were forever changed and connected to organ donation and transplantation.

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Know your transplant team

Whether you or a loved one are having a transplant, there will be multiple people who will be part of your transplant team. Find out the people you should know before a transplant.

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Waiting for a transplant

Waiting for an organ transplant can be difficult. Our patient services team provides information to better understand the organ transplant process from wait times to emotional aspects.

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Understand the costs

From medical to non-medical costs, there are various costs prior, during, and after your organ transplant surgery. Be prepared by understanding the costs and create a financial plan.

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Life after a kidney transplant

There can be a lot of questions on how to best care for your new kidney after a transplant. Learn more about caring for your new kidney through our Kidney Transplant Learning Center.

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transplants performed in 2019


living donor transplants performed last year

Based on OPTN data as of Jan. 12, 2020. Data subject to change based on future data submission or correction.

Diagram of a kidney

More than 670,000 people in the United States live with end-stage renal disease and more than 100,000 people are on the kidney transplant waitlist. Learn the facts, risks, and benefits of:

  • Dialysis
  • Transplant from a deceased donor
  • Transplant from a living donor
  • Find a living donor
  • Become a living donor

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Stories of Hope

Jameson’s story: The transplant that came out of left field

Jason Finney watched his family open gifts together through FaceTime with his wife, Sarah, on Christmas Day in 2017. Jason traveled out of state the day prior to support his father who required breathing assistance from a ventilator at the time. “Um – Jameson just...

Solitary Kidney Siblings

Eight years ago, my brother Josh, who was 19 at the time, donated his kidney to my Dad at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It was a miracle how well the transplant worked. My sister, Hannah, and I were so inspired by what we saw that we knew one day, we wanted to be...

My second heartbeat

Monique Acosta House was your typical college student 20 years ago with the daily schedule filled with work and classes. She began to notice that she was feeling more tired than usual and had left arm pain. Her friend suggested that she should get that checked out by...

Living Donation

Living donation

Living donation is when a healthy living organ donor gives an organ such as a kidney or part of an organ such as a portion of a lung, liver, pancreas, or intestine to a recipient.



Before undergoing an organ transplant, it’s important to understand the costs. You will want to work with your transplant team make sure you have an individual plan to cover transplant costs.

Kidney disease and treatment

Kidney disease and treatment

There can be multiple circumstances and medical conditions that lead to kidney disease. Learn more about kidney disease and treatment options through our Kidney Transplant Learning Center.



In order for patients to have successful transplant outcomes, it’s important for organ recipients or living donors to have quality care and support before and after surgery. Learn more.

Find a support group

Find a support group

Receive support from other organ transplant patients and families by finding a support group near you. Click here to learn more and find the right type of support group for you or your family.

In the news

Heart recipient honored with 2019 NDM Award for Excellence

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) named James “Jim” Gleason of Beverly, NJ, the winner of its 2019 National Donor Memorial Award for Excellence in recognition of his untiring efforts as a donation advocate. Jim’s volunteer journey began 25 years ago when he...

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