Ramona Howard of Morrisville, PA

Miracles happen every day ,in fact i recieved one,mine's was an incredible Gift of life.Early one morning of January 2007 i recieved a phone call from my Dr.'s office telling me there was a problem with my lab work,i wasn't to concerned because i felt fine , i returned to retake the lab work, to my suprise by that night i was admitted into our local hospital.It wasn't clear what the problem was so further testing needed to be done. First i was told that i had pancreatic cancer ,Thank God that turned out not to be the case. It was then decided to transfer me to a larger Hospital.Guess what ? More testing , Diagnosis finally, Primary schlerosing cholangiatis,now here's a word i had never heard before,all i knew was that i needed a liver transplant,,that isn't something i had ever expected in my life,i was prtetty healthy,went for regular check up's ,it just show's you never know when the unexpected happens.My health declined quickly so an exploratory surgery was done. what the surgeon found was that my blood vessels needed for the transplant were ,tangeled and unusable,"Yes" can a person with bad luck have no luck,well that's how i felt.No Transplant for me,now what? My Dr. decided someone,somewhere must know something about difficult transplants and she was right,after a internet search a surgeon from another state responded with hopeful words "I think i can help". We, along with my support team, traveled to see if there was any hope.Again testing and lab work all over again, but this time i heard a positive word,I can do this if the organs become available,Oh yes i had forgotten,i need new organ's as the dr. reminded me there is no supply closet of organs.2 years later and i was still waiting, just barely holding on, 87 lbs and more catheters than any one person needs,sadly i thought "this is not going to happen",i really did not think i could hold on any longer and just when i thought it might not happen i recieved my phone call 4:30 in the morning telling me to get on the road and come to the hospital, what a joy and sadness at the same time, some one had lost their life, but in turn would mean life for me. That day i went into a 16 hr. surgery and at the end i went into the recovery room with my spleen removed and my liver, stomach, pancreas AND intestines Transplanted,Yes "WOW" for me i'm the new Organ-ic woman,amazing isn't the only word Miraculous is included,since that surgery Impossible is a word i have deleted from my vocabulary.This transplant has afforded me a second chance at life which i intened to fully enjoy!!!!!

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