Michael Fox of Madison, IN

My whole life changed on February 14, 2007. That was the day I went on dialysis. I was scared but it helped that I had two siblings on dialysis also. They helped me get through the rough parts. It wasn't easy but with the help of family and friends I made it. My brother received a kidney transplant in 2009 and his rejected and he passed away in October of 2010. My sister passed away 6 months later due to complications from her kidney disease. She had other health problems that would not have allowed her to have a kidney transplant and that was one of the factors that caused her death.
Then on May 3, 2010 I received the call that all dialysis patients want. "We have a kidney for you!" I was really surprised that I got the call because I was only on "THE LIST" for 3 weeks! The next morning May 4,2010 (my second birthday) after all the test were done it was time for my transplant. I kissed my wife and when I woke up the doctor told me that the new kidney started working right away and I have had no problems since.
I have worked part time at a liquor store for the past two years but in August I was having my annual checkup with my Transplant Team. To my surprise they offered me a job. It is a new job that was created by some doctors in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a Transplant Navigator for the area where I live. I will be going to different dialysis centers in my area and helping patients get on the transplant list. I will be helping them with the processes that one has to go through to get on the list such as doing the paperwork that is necessary, setting up appointments and simply guiding them along the way. I am very excited about this opportunity. If it helps just one person get a kidney transplant then all the work will be worth it! I will also talk to them about my transplant experience and hopefully when they see how successful mine has been they will want to go through with the tough processes it takes to get on the transplant list. The opportunity that was presented to me is truly a blessing and I am going to use it to the best of ability! I am going to dedicate this job to my brother and sister who never had the chance to do what I am doing!

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