Jonathan Carey of Conifer, CO

After living in Colorado with Cystic Fibrosis for 21 years, My grade of life was decreased so greatly i could barely appreciate the gift of life anymore, Over one course year i got so sick i was put in hospice and Diagnosed to die within the month, After a miracle comeback i recovered and was finally healthy enough to be considered for a lung transplant, I met with my Evulation team on April 17th, Did my Pre-tests on may 7th and 8th and was officially put on the list on may 15th, Come Last sunday, May 19th i recieved the call at around noon, Shocked, Excited and in disbelief i got to the hospital and waited for about 3-4 hours before being wheeled into surgery after confirming the good to go. I woke up Monday afternoon, Transplant successful and with great news of a really amazing set of Donor lungs. It took me only 4 days to Get my lungs... That makes me almost burst into tears of joy and amazement. I truly was given a gift and wil continue to thank the donor family for the rest of my life. Today, the 25th of may i am currently on only 1 liter of oxygen while sleeping and only have one chest tube still in, Hopefully removing that in the next 24 hours. I went from 10 liters of oxygen 24/7 to less then 1 while sleeping. I truly can say that if you set your mind to something you WILL accomplish it. Dont be afraid of what might happen, Be joyous and excited for all the possiblities. I Never in a million years expected to be transplanted this quickly so am without a doubt... Still shocked even now, Sitting here typing this while in the hospital is something i never thought id do but i set my mind to it and prayed. Miracles do happen.

I would like to thank Everyone involved in my transplant and my family for being there, As well as the donor family, The gift you have given will not go in vain, I will respect this gift with my life, I am forever grateful for it!

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