Claus Robinson of Rockford, MN

We knew from just a few days old that our son, Claus would need a new kidney at some point in his life. He was born with a condition called Posterior Urethral Valves. Those first few weeks after he was born were dark and scary, and I cried enough to last a lifetime. Claus grew and did great, but in the back of our mind we always had that knowledge. The knowledge that someday, someone would have to give him the gift of life. For some reason no amount of knowing helped us when, at the age of six, we were told it was time for a new kidney. My husband was eliminated from donating almost immediately. I was a match and went through the work up. A week later I got a letter from the hospital. When I opened it and saw the words "you do not meet the criteria at this time," I stood in the middle of my garage and cried. All thanks to a few cysts on my kidneys. Now we had to find a kidney. Claus was very healthy, with the exception of a couple of rotten kidneys and time was of the essence in keeping him healthy. Getting really sick meant more opportunity for complications. My younger brother stepped up to the plate, was a match and cleared for donation. On March 21st, our family had a huge day as we put our two boys into the capable hands of surgeons and the not-always-capable hands of fate. Claus is home and doing fantastic and his uncle is too.

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