Bob Pitcock of Magnolia, TX

My history of heart problems goes back to 1985, when I had my first heart attack. in 1986, I had my second heart attack, followed by heart bypass surgery (double bypass) in Dec. 1986 I went back to trucking on the road again.

In Dec. 1988, while singing Country and Western music on stage at our local "Texas Opry Jamboree", I had another heart attack, right up on stage at microphone. I was rushed to hospital, got stabilized, spent 6 days in hospital, and went back to trucking again. Everything went fine for another 12 months.

In Dec. of 1989, another heart attack. This one was a ‘whopper’. in the next few weeks, my cardiologist, suggested heart transplant. The previous attacks had weakened my heart so much; 40% of heart was damaged. I waited on the transplant list for 9 months before I got the call from my Transplant Coordinator here in Houston; she said “get your toothbrush and come on down, there’s a donor in Florida”. (My coordinator knew that I had a great sense of humor, that’s why she threw the toothbrush bit in our conversation).

The following morning, I had 17 kinfolks and loved ones on hand at the hospital to support me with hugs and tears. I went into surgery at 4 AM that morning. Three hours later, I was in Intensive Recovery. I stayed in hospital 17 days, went home with my new heart, and have been feeling great ever since. I haven't had any rejection episodes whatsoever.

One thing for sure, I have learned to smell the roses along the way and to be very thankful for my extended life. Sometimes, I really feel "Love" pouring out of every pore of my skin. I feel as though, someone stood back and poured a bucket of sweet honey all over me, by golly. It's such a great feeling! I do at times, think about my heart donor and his family. I really thank God for their compassion.

I am now 21yrs post heart transplant.

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