Ben Peralta of Fresno, CA

My Kidney Transplant came in July of 1994 after waiting 6 painful years of labs and dr. visits. I was sick throughout life with various problems only to be diagnosed with Hypertension and Chronic Renal Failure at age 9. This was the result of being hit in the head by kids playing on a tree limb at school. My kidney came from a 13 year old boy in Los Angela’s county whom I never got to meet the parents. It was a gift that I give all the glory to god for and believe that through transplantation he healed my sickness. I am currently 34 and received my kidney transplant at the age of 16. I have served and given back to life by working in 2 emergency rooms as an E.R. Tech and saving lives in the field as an E.M.T for 3 years. Total care was 8 years in the medical field. Through this I witnessed many lives changed by me, either through a loss or gain by my care. My motto since my transplant is "One Life Saved becomes Another One Earned" This applies to all walks of life for me. Through my sharing of my faith in Christ and through me telling my transplant story to all types of people lives are earned. Because of the Kidney transplant and the donor kidney I am going on 18 year without anti-rejection meds. I have had 3 kids my youngest is my Angel my Daughter Morgan who without my transplant and the organ donation would have never happened. I have had the pleasure of achieving my goal to be a father. I have experienced life’s ups and downs. I currently am an Ambassador for organ donation and believe that every person should contribute because I am walking proof of the lives a person can touch by donating their organs. I have and continue to live life as if every day is a new day. I lead a pretty much normal life now as without my transplant I am sure that life would have stopped for me at age 16. I believe that every person young or old should have the ability to get one organ donated to them or from them in their lives regardless of age. Every person has the right to enjoy life and be given a second chance just as I was given by medicine and god. Today the world should stress and make it mandatory that organ donation should be taught about in science in elementary and high schools throughout the world. If this was done I do believe that each person on this earth would not find it in their heart to extend another’s life. This becomes "One life saved and another one earned". You tell a person about your faith in god and they choose god then also "One life saved becomes another one Earned". My transplant was another life earned which if medicine would have not been involved in organ transplantation or donation then my life would have not been able to touch other lives or earn lives for god. Having a transplant has taught me that every life is just as valuable as the next and that if I can tell my story then I may also earn another life for other people who need a transplant by helping people understand organ donation and the lives that can be touched by it. So to the world I stress “One Life Saved Is another One Earned” practice this and live it and the world can be a better place for all people.

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