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1 million new beginnings

The U.S. has reached a historic milestone: 1 million transplants. Learn how donors, recipients and their loved ones are Living It Forward.

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COVID-19 questions

Looking for answers to your questions about COVID-19 and transplant? Find information and resources here.

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Join a caring community

Check out Transplantation Journey, a webinar series for UNOS Ambassadors.

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Living donation

Living donation provides an alternative to kidney and liver patients waiting on the national transplant list.

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Kidney disease and treatment

When your kidneys no longer work, you need to choose a treatment option.

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Stories of Hope

Transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families share how organ transplants transformed their lives.

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Understanding transplant costs

Transplants raise financial questions and concerns for patients. Learn how to make a plan with your team.

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2022 transplants

January - October 2022 as of 11/27/2022

2022 donors, deceased and living

January - October 2022 as of 11/27/2022

Webinar series

Transplantation Journey

On-demand webinars about issues that matter to patients and their loved ones.

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Kidney transplants

There are many options to consider when you have end-stage renal disease. Walk through your options.

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Stories of Hope

Living Donation

Living donation

Living donation is when a healthy living organ donor gives an organ such as a kidney or part of an organ such as a portion of a lung, liver, pancreas, or intestine to a recipient.



Before undergoing an organ transplant, it’s important to understand the costs. You will want to work with your transplant team make sure you have an individual plan to cover transplant costs.



In order for patients to have successful transplant outcomes, it’s important for organ recipients or living donors to have quality care and support before and after surgery. Learn more.

Find a support group

Find a support group

Receive support from other organ transplant patients and families by finding a support group near you. Click here to learn more and find the right type of support group for you or your family.

In the news

Lisa Schaffner

Lisa Schaffner Community Advocate Award

UNOS posthumously recognizes Lisa Schaffner as the inaugural recipient of a new award named in her honor

Patient information on disaster relief and assistance

UNOS is in contact with all member transplant facilities nationwide. In case of significant and potential long-term disruption of service at one or more centers, we will provide any needed updates through this website.

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